Baby Sales

Ashten • Married: 10/15/16 ❤️ Penelope 6/26/2019💝


So apparently President’s Day weekend has some really good deals. I’m talking $219 now $159 and $239 now $129. So I bought those two things. But those are just absolutely first need things. Like infant car seat. I’ll be waiting to get the rest. Go Walmart!

Original Post:

Alright ladies. I’m a first time mom and have ZERO baby “big ticket items” i.e.: cribs, car seats, etc. I didn’t find out I was pregnant until early December. And I’m due 6/25.

So my question for y’all experts: when are the best sales for baby stuff between now and the end of June?

I want some nicer stuff ($$-$$$) and I was to try to get the prices as low as possible because my husband is a pastor so we don’t have much money.

So any ideas?