I think I'm in love

My bf and I have been together since December 5th. We've been talking since October and met in late August. We said "I love you" very quickly in our relationship and I truly love him more than words can explain. But now he is off at basic training for the Army and I miss him terribly. Which I never miss people, like no matter how far/long away I just don't really miss people. It's weird. But him I miss a shit ton. And I am TERRIFIED of losing him. Idk why because I know he loves me a shit ton. But the thought of losing him ever devastes me. I have been in 2 other serious/long term relationships and never felt this way. I thought I was in love with one. But still didn't feel this strongly. The second one I loved but wasn't in love.

I think I've now found my one❤️