Worst Valentines Ever.

Today my bf came over to pick me up at my house. Before he came I did my hair, makeup and put on a black tight skirt w a long sleeve shirt and really high boots. I thought I looked good. I felt good. When he came to the door he didn’t seem impressed. Then he gave me my gift and it was a card and 4 small chocolates. Which was fine but he rlly didn’t put any effort into anything. He wrote some cute stuff in the card like “I’m special to him” and when I read it he said he cringed the whole time writing it. (He’s not romantic at all). I wanted to take a pic of the front of the card cz I thought it was cute but he wouldn’t let me cause he didn’t want ppl seeing it cz he was embarrassed. Then after dinner we went back to his car and my legs were cold cz I was wearing a skirt. Instead of complimenting me for once he told me my outfit made me look like a slut and that he wasn’t thrilled when he came to the door to see me. Also so u know my bf like never compliments me. It doesn’t matter what I wore I still wouldn’t have gotten a compliment. So all that hurt my feelings. Btw I’m 17 and he’s 19. I just feel insulted by what he said and he never does anything special for me. Thoughts?