My baby was born on 2/8.... here’s my long story short 🥰♥️

7 lbs 9 oz 19 inches ♥️♥️♥️

The “ITS A BOY!!” Moment. We truly thought girl the entire pregnancy!!

7 pm induction due to slightly elevated BP at 39 weeks 2 days.

11 pm another dose of induction meds into cervix 3-4 cm dilated, contractions were getting stronger

12:30 am, water broke, contractions were painful, 5 cm & epidural was given. Thank goodness!!

2:30 am 10 cm & waiting on doctor for GO TIME!

2:50 am, started to push, pushed through 2 contractions && 3:01 AM, my son was BORN!

It’s my third baby & I felt GREAT after. It’s been a week and I’m not even bleeding anymore. Now to adjust to having 3 kids that are 5 and under 😉

We had a girl name picked but no boy name. He finally had a name when we left & we decided on Cole Michael! His siblings are Clayton Jackson & Charlotte Elizabeth 🥰♥️