Extreme Hunger A Symptom?!


Hi all! So I had a miscarriage back in June at 8 weeks, first pregnancy. After that my husband & I tried again for a few months with no luck so we have been taking a break. Well over the weekend, we did BD a day before my projected ovulation. Anyways, today and kind of yesterday I’ve been experiencing extreme hunger. I’ve only experienced this one other time before in my life and it was when I was pregnant. Like extreme, insatiable hunger no matter how much I eat when. I really don’t want to get my hopes up, but do you think it’s possible to have this symptom this early? I cant remember how early on I felt this hunger last time, but I know it was for at least a week before i got a positive pregnancy test. I’ve also been feeling some tugging/slight cramping and I don’t really get this unless I’m on my first or second day of my period. Anyways thanks in advanced for your input!!