UGH - Men 🙄


I had a chance encounter and met this beautiful, well-spoken young man on my flight home (in December). He’s a bit younger than me and that’s usually a big no for me, but also we met and talked for 3.5 hours - the duration of our flight - and had such a great chemistry.

None of it was sexual in the beginning, we just clicked and couldn’t stop talking. We exchanged numbers and social media, hung out a few times, and eventually had the most amazing sex

So we’ve been on regular speaking terms and have had a great connection thus far. However, lately, I addressed that I had a problem with him being on his phone wayyy too much when I’m with him but then not texting me back for hours and sometimes a whole day. You’re busy, fine, but don’t think the couple hours we get to spend together once a week are gonna be spent with you in your damn phone boy 🙄

Fast forward to this week. I spent time with him on Tuesday, I addressed my phone issue again, he apologized and said he would do better and he understood. We didn’t have plans for Valentine’s Day because that’s pretty rushed and it just wasn’t realistic. He didn’t even send me a text allllll day, and I accidentally text him and he responded about 6 hours later!

I’m currently annoyed as fuck but I’m trying to decide if 1) I should address my issue for the billionth (realistically maybe 6th?) time OR 2) just let this man go and do him. I don’t think he’s uninterested, but I know how much that emotional connection matters to me and I don’t wanna waste my time being unsure or having to chase someone.

I can’t tell if I’m overreacting or underreacting or just not reacting? Please help me 😫🤦🏾‍♀️