Totally embarrassed!


So.... I was at Walmart and accidentally dropped some of the stuff that I was carrying. I bent down to get it (that's not so easy right now). pants split at the seem in the rear. mind you i had a thong on. Not only did my pants split, I ripped ass at that exact moment! 😬🀣 It wasn't a cute girly fart. It was one of those rancid nasty pregnancy farts. The kind that makes your eyes water. There were like three people in line behind me and in front of me...πŸ™ I contemplated just putting everything down and walking away as fast I could... But I really needed the stuff so I just sat there smiling sheepishly, like "oops", with my bare bum hanging out of my pants for all of the world to see. After what seemed like hours of awkward silence I left with what I needed but without my dignity. 🀷