Slee has got worse!

Omg I just cannot take this anymore!!!!! My Child who is going to be 9 months in a week is at the worse she has ever been with sleep. Bad enough this child has had sleep issues since day 1 but she has reached her worse! I maybe had 2 weeks in her whole life where she slept decent. But it has gotten worse and I am at my ends wits with her. she wakes up about 100X in the middle of the night. I tried not letting her rely on a bottle especially when she would eat literally like 2 hours ago but will refuse to fall asleep unless given to her. I know she isn’t hungry but she will not fall back asleep and she kicks the living shit out of her crib keeping me up all night long. I have been taking Benadryl every night trying to sleep. And yes my daughter is on formula and NO I am not taking it out of her diet sorry it’s not an option. But I have tried everything and it’s driving me insane! this is going on 3 weeks of this shit.