I hate it


So we didn’t try this month after af showed up last cycle. Now I am going on four days late this cycle topped with nausea from the day af was supposed to start. Pregnancy test was negative because why not right? Granted it wasn’t fmu it still was negative.

Even without trying I cried, I freaking broke down and told my so that I was broken and I felt awful about myself because I got so upset seeing yet another negative. I do t even know why I did it, so two days later I am still upset still no period still waiting on the hag to beat down my door again probably while I’m at the store later today because that’s what happened last time, I was at the VA and it started five days late.

I don’t mean to vent but I am so tired I am so close to just giving up after months of negatives I just don’t want to have to keep seeing just one line.

Thankfully my boyfriend is so understanding he held me and told me it would be okay that we could do this. Even after he gets just as disappointed each time it’s negative he just says next time we will. I feel so guilty feeling like this when he’s so hopeful. Please send lots of prayers and good vibes my way I could use them.