Can we talk about announcements?

Breezy • Johnna James 4/13 ♥️ baby boy due 10/4

So I'm waiting until I'm comfortable sharing my news maybe that's after my first appointment on the 21st or 5 weeks from now but here's my dilemma... So the father (we aren't in a relationship but do live together) of my baby isn't exactly thrilled about me being pregnant again in fact he's down right miserable because of it. He didn't want our first child, though he's loves her immensely now he's just not very helpful, or his first child who is 20 with a son two weeks older than our daughter. He still makes no effort to be involved with either of them. People we know kind of have an idea the type of man he is so... Anyway, I see all these super cute couples announcements and it's just me, a single mama, second time around. Should I even bother or just discreetly share news with close friends? I already told my brother and sister in law other than my baby sister I have no family to share this joy with me. Yes, despite his ugly ways, another baby brings me great joy. It's hard being sole caregiver for daughter who is high needs and almost 2 so I know adding a baby will make things just that much more difficult but I'm ready and willing to embrace the journey. Have any of you ladies gone through something similar and did you do a pregnancy announcement? Is so please share your experiences and thoughts.