Anybody else feel the same?


I’m a Ftm, and am approx 8 weeks, 2days. I say approx because right now we are basing it off of my LMP. I’m going in for an ultrasound on Tuesday the 19th to confirm and also check to see if there are more than one; and I’m almost waiting for something bad to happen...if that makes sense? I know it’s ruining this amazing experience by worrying; but I just can’t seem to help all the what if’s that are running through my head. I’ve been praying and waiting for this baby for years and now I’m so worried about losing it and I can’t not read the stories that are shared on here and then I get halfway and it’s oh that person miscarried at the same weeks I’m at, or oh no their first ultrasound showed a blighted ovum, or a missed miscarriage or some defects. I feel for these women and hope to never experience it, but then my worrying creeps in and I’m almost dreading the ultrasound because it could mean this miracle could come to a crashing end.....or is it just me?