I don’t get it 😔

Rikki • I love Jesus, my husband, my family, & my dogs! Finally pregnant after 5 years of trying!!! 🙏🏼

I don’t get how people have sex and get pregnant... let alone those who have sex ONE time and boom here comes baby. I’m over here for 4 1/2 fricken years with no luck. Meds haven’t helped and now we’re looking at

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. I know I’m not alone and I know some have tried even longer than us but like seriously WHY ME? Why do I have to struggle and go through the emotional torment. I literally know over 30 women pregnant right now... I’ve counted! I’m the ONLY cousin on my husband’s side of the family not pregnant right now and we’re all very close so all the kids WILL grow up together. I feel so incredibly left out. I feel so drained and broken physically, mentally, and emotionally. I just want one day...ONE fricken day that it doesn’t cross my mind. That it doesn’t bother me. That it doesn’t hurt. For those who feel the same way... you’re not alone.