Finding out I was pregnant on vday...


My husband and I stopped using birth control exactly one year ago to “just see what happens”.

My period only started regulating in the past 6 months. Considered taking clomid in October but I told my doctor “nah. I’ll just wait”

This month I started getting my normal premenstrual cramps and sore boobs(so I thought). No biggie. But my period never came. The longest my cycle had gone was up to 41 days. On day 43 (yesterday on Valentine’s Day) I was on my lunch break and just thought to go get my husband a card and would pick up a test for the heck of it.

I was in the bathroom at work and peed on the stick. I set it down and immediately saw the first line turn bright pink. I was like “is this thing upside down?” Because I thought it was the control line... something I’ve been used to seeing for months on a negative test. But Nope, I’m pregnant. Went and got a digital test and bam it said “pregnant”. Took another test this morning and it was positive. Told my husband yesterday in the Valentine’s Day card. He was shooketh but excited.

Can’t believe how random this is but feel so blessed that God gave us a baby. According to my app, I’m 6 weeks and 1 day. I just feel bloated, have cramps on and off, sore boobs, eye has been twitching, and slighty constipated and gassy.

Here is my test. Honestly I didn’t know if something was wrong because the test line was way darker than control line. Has anyone had this happen to them?