Do I need to see a doctor? Is this normal?

So I'm 14 and my periods are literally excruciating. I mean I get cramps in my lower abdomen that reach a point where I cant walk, and eventually end up throwing up and passing out. My lower back pain kills me, and (sorry TMI) I get these horrible cramps in my butt, and sometimes I swear I even bleed a bit out my butt. Plus I get extreme bloating and menstrual migraines and I bleed around every 18 to 22 days.

But my question is, is this normal for a teenager. Coz I know that my body is still adjusting and stuff( I got my period shortly after my 12th birthday) and I turn 15 later this year, but I guess I just need your opinions on what to do, because my mom wont really listen to me when I ask her if it's normal.

Thanks xx