Been 7 months but I still think about my ons


Hey ladies!

I remember that I posted a topic which was about my one night stand who was a french tourist. It’s been 7 months and I still think about him time to time.

We had great moments even for a day, a lot in common & so much fun. He was so charming, an ideal man for me.

After this, he texted me couple of times that he thought about our night and he found it so magical. He invited me to france for a couple of times as well.

Last 3 months, we never contacted each other but I still think about him. I feel like he was a perfect match for me, I think about all the fun and romantic moments we had together. I felt that he was into me as well, but he’s a boy so I don’t think he still thinks about me. The last time we’ve talked (which was 3 months ago) he had asked me if we’re able to meet somewhere in europe.

Now since we didn’t talk for a long while, I feel like stupid when I think about him. Cause I know he’s not thinking about me constantly just like me..

All I want is to get rid of this feeling cause there is no chance for both of us to meet for a long while, even tho, maybe he’ll have a girlfriend or smt so.. I better stop thinking about him.

Could you please tell me your opinions about this shitty situation if you ever had smt like this?

I really need you ladies, please! Thank you 💖

Edit: a week ago, he followed my side instagram account btw which was really cute of him and it made me feel emotionally awkward 😭💔