Movements at 36 + 4

Carla 😉🌸💫

I don't think my baby has been moving around as much as he would usually. He is a very active baby and his movements are really uncomfortable for me and often hurt (without sounding like a complete wimp). I've had a lot of stress over the past 24 / 48 hours and have been focussing on that the most but i can't help but now wonder when the last 'painful or uncomfortable' movement was?! 😬 I can feel him move even now, but its more of a fluttery sensation, just now I get a lump stick out too instead of just a light tickle (like what we were getting at 16/20wks) I can tell he's just rolling over, there's no aggressive kicks or stretches.

Do I ring the hospital? He's still technically moving.

Or do I leave it a little bit longer to see if there's any change?