I am going to be 18 in 6 days and although I want to be very excited. It is so difficult because my mom is so overprotective and is telling me its going to be the same as to when im 17. I would like to be able to do more stuff and feel more independent. Am i wrong for wanting more freedom when i turn 18? Keep in mind I dont do much now. I cant go to places with my boyfriend unless its the shopping plaza 5 minutes from my house which i can only go walking with him. And i feel so stuck and frustrated because i just want more indepence and to have more fun. Im doing good in school and all that. I graduate in May. And thats when she wants me to get a job. I will then be expected to pay rent she said. The amount of rent varies on whether i will go to college or not, which i plan to go to college. So please help what should i be able to do at 18. I know theres boundaries. ? And i dont expect to do whatever i want. I just want a little more freedom.