Miscarriage / bfp/ anxiety/ husband


I have an amazing beautiful boy who is nearly 2 and half ! I had a Mc in November at 5 weeks and I found it super hard .. I never expected it. I just found out yesterday on Valentine’s Day that I’m expecting again and I’m super nervous and anxious and won’t allow myself to believe I am ! I’m so happy but feel its hard to show it as I don’t want to Mc again ! My hubby is amazing but he doesn’t understand why I want to check my progesterone or ring the doctors re advise or if I need an anti d injection as I’m RH negative blood... I feel I want to ask so many questions and do anything I can to help reduce my chances of a miscarriage.... am I crazy or is there any other women out there that feel this way?? He tells me it’s not good for this baby if I’m so anxious which I agree with but how do I just relax and take this in my stride ... like I want to test now every day to see if the line I getting darker ... or not .... is it just men ? Don’t get me wrong he’s the best !! Just I think his way handling it