The only baby I have right now


He always knows how to make me feel better when I'm feeling sad

My mom texted yesterday saying she was lighting a candle at church for me. Then my FRER showed up a day early, on Valentine's Day, so I thought maybe it was a sign. Tested that night (12 DPO/DIUI) BFN.

Thankfully I have today off from work. So I planned on just having some me time. Was scrolling through Facebook and seeing posts from all the people I used to be close with and all their babies now. They've all become closer due to their babies while I'm still here trying for our first rainbow. 😭

It all just hit me all over again, the pain of losing babies, especially our first that we tried to conceive. The pain of losing friends, my best friends. There's just so much distance between us and all the hurtful, albeit, unintentional things said. Just feeling really alone.

But I'm so grateful for my DH and this little guy.

I'd love to see pictures of your (fur)babies that keep you comfort on this TTC journey. ♡