Baby outfits - what do you do?

So my daughter was born in September, she got a looot of those super warm, fuzzy sleepers for 6months or 6-9m. She will be 6 months in March. She has more than she needs, our house is small, easy to heat, and unless it’s more than -30°C - -35°C, she doesn’t need the really warm ones (we also co sleep.) The gifts didn’t come with a gift receipt for any of them, so I’m not sure what to do with them... keep em? I could always sell them but I’m from a small town and people would probably see that I’d be selling the gift they gave lol. I’m tempted to save them “incase we have another girl” but what are the chances that baby would fit them at the appropriate time..

I guess I could keep my heat down &a stick her in them anyway 😂 what would you mamas do?