Painful Sex, Down There, and Orgasms


So recently I have been having problems with my down seems like it’s dry and not producing what it should be when I am feels like it’s wet but not..hard to explain lol and again recently..when my boyfriend and I have’s painful.. like he can barely go in without it hurting and it feels like I need to pee..he is understanding with what is going on with me which is a bonus! I’m not sure why it’s hurting because it was never a problem before until recently..and yes we do foreplay before we have sex..we do that for 20’s also been hard to achieve orgasms..I had one finally after about a month and it was HUGE..and it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders lol xD with my feels like I’m having one but it just doesn’t come out.. :/ I’ve neverrrr had a problem with achieving orgasms until last boyfriend thinks it’s because I’ve been losing a lot of weight but I’m not sure. Sorry this is long. I just need advice or information or whatever..Like..I don’t know why it’s hurting to have sex all of the sudden..I don’t know why it feels like my down there is dry and everything else lol xD