Am I miscarrying again?

I had a possible chemical in the summer and a MMC in December. I'm currently 6 weeks pregnant. I tested 2 days before my period was due and got a BFP. The day my period was due I had slight pink discharge. I went to the doctor's and they tested my HCG two days apart and my progesterone. All fine. I have had a few mild cramps here and there and some pinching and twinges but other that that the last week has been great. Wednesday I woke up to light brown discharge tiny spot of blood (see picture that's the most I've had over the 3 days not needed pad)

with period cramps. I seen my doctor and she said it is likely I will miscarry. I had a private scan that afternoon and all was as it should be for 5 weeks 4 days, however too early for heartbeat so will need to be rescanned in a week or so. My discharge turned back to clear/white for the next 24 hours Thursday and today I have continued to have slightly browny pink discharge along with period cramps. It's only when I wipe not on underwear. I feel like I'm just sat waiting to miscarry. Anyone have any thoughts?