So stinking frustrated with my OB office!


First let me preface I’ve worked in healthcare for years and hold a degree in healthcare administration so I know how offices are generally run but I’m pretty aggravated with my OB office right now. I took the 3 hr glucose test early Tuesday morning. I’m sure the results of my test are back and they just haven’t been reviewed by my OB and posted to my patient portal. I say this because I can see the timestamp on when a test is performed, the timestamp on when the results come in, and the timestamp when it is reviewed by my doc and forwarded to me. For every single test it’s been 24 hrs or less for results, even those sent to outside labs like LabCorp. My aggravation is coming from the fact that I’ve tried to call the office for the results since 11 am and NOBODY HAS ANSWERED THE PHONE. I tried the nurses line which had a recording saying the line was not being monitored today and to call back and request to speak with my OB’s assistant. HOW am I supposed to do that if nobody is answering the dang phone?!?! I called literally 11 times and never got picked up once. So, now the office is closed and I get to sit in limbo all weekend long about the test results. So. Freaking. Aggravating.