Miscarriage or not?!


Ok I’m in my 1st trimester. According to all the calculators out there I’m in my 6th week. But I’ve been bleeding which has progressively been getting worse. I went to the Drs yesterday to get it checked out and they said my baby is only 4 weeks 5 days. Which leads me to believe that my bleeding could be related to implantation. (But in my opinion it’s way heavier than I’d imagine that would be) and I have blood clots.

The Dr says the gestational sack is where it’s supposed to be and not looking like it’s on it’s way out. Which is good and he said with my health he thinks I should be ok.

But my bleeding has increased even more. I feel like I’m having a period but the cramps are almost non existent. Has anyone else experienced this? If so what was your outcome?

This is my first pregnancy and none of the other females in my family have ever experienced any bleeding during their pregnancies. So I’m coming to you ladies.

***UPDATE*** the bleeding has continued fairly heavy (normal period status for me) the blood clots have decreased in size and quantity but now cramping is getting pretty bad today. All signs are pointing to what I’m terrified to hear. Miscarriage. No confirmation on that yet but if the pain continues or gets worse I will be going to the ER per my doctors orders.