Need some advice before I freak out :(


First off thank you for reading, and hopefully I can get some different input before I stress myself to my core..

So my i got my faint BFP a couple a days ago. My last period was January 7th so I’d be almost 6 weeks. I went to the doctor a day after the BFP and my levels were only at 13... she said it looked as if I was between 3 and 4 weeks. I took a digital that night that read not pregnant. I took another digital the next morning and it read pregnant! I also took a first response rapid result and it was an actual full line! Does it seem like my levels have maybe jumped since if I’m getting positives?

I’m so scared :( I went for blood work today to see if they jumped. She said if they go below I’m most likely miscarrying..all this level talk is making me not feel pregnant. :(

Note: I have 30 to 35 day cycles and my period lasts about 5 days.

The test in the middle is the one I took the day before the blood test. The last tests that clearly a BFP I took the day after the blood test.