Felt Bullied. 😩

The past 2 weeks we have seen a particular family member they have publicly asked me if I’m

Pregnant / why am I not drinking ? I’ve used all normal excuse responses but we were going away for a family trip for a week. The first day we arrived that family member stared at me and asked about going to get wine etc. I just felt so awkward and like how can you survive 7 days in the same house when you know that person is purposely asking you / calling you out. And we have other family members on the trip who we really don’t want to know as we are almost only 6 weeks.

Long story short. Today we decide to tell the family member privately so they stop bugging me / asking me in front of the family.

Response : well you’re still early and you made it SO obvious with your not drinking.

Like. Thanks. f you. I started crying. And I said. If you thought I was pregnant. Than let me have my moment to tell you. Now you don’t get that and you ruined it for me .