Repainting a crib? Give me your advice.


FTM here, be gentle😂

We have a used crib. Let me start by saying I KNOW that it’s safer to buy a new fancy convertible crib, BUT we want to be able to use this crib for our second baby as well & have read a lot of safety warnings about taking a toddler bed back into a crib, so we decided to get a regular standard crib. I also want to throw it out there, that the mattress will be top grade, & that’s the most important part.

Now on to my actual question... Has anyone spray painted a crib with success? The paint guy at Lowe’s says that it’s totally safe. The mom blogs on the internet highly disagree, but I can’t find anything recent. I am worried about chipping, chemicals etc. Trying to do research on this is turning into a lot of 5 year old blogs/forums with old information. The crib we have is white, and beautiful, but it’s a few years old and the color has yellowed a bit in spots to a degree that the magic eraser will not touch... HELP. TIA.