Baby won’t sleep at night


My 15 week old hAs never been a good sleeper but lately bed time is a night mare. We attempt to put her down between 8 and 9 because any earlier she just wakes.

Once she’s finally down (if I breast feed her to sleep; wait and move her to crib) she will wake within 30-45 mins screaming.

It’s impossible for her to sleep in her crib bc she wakes so much aand if I don’t feed her before she fully wakes it’s a mess.

Tonight she was laughing and happy then soon as I swaddle her and put her to bed she starts screaming hysterically .

Soon as I walk in and she sees me she stops and smiles then when I don’t pick her up she starts again .

She’s also been acting happy to see boob in her face but then the second it slips out of her mouth or I take her off bc she’s using me as a pacifier she loses it !!

I have no help and am exhausted and can’t get a break. My bf works 3am shifts and is in bed early so we actually have been sleeping in separate rooms and it’s ruining our relationship