Omg I’m I ovulating?


So since my miscarriage in July 2018 my period have been all over the place.y cycles have been around 35 days. The past couple months. It varies. I got my period in the beginning of January and I got my period again at the end of January which is pretty early compared to how it’s been. But I only spotted for 4 days and not like my usual periods. Anyways today I felt a big glob as I wiped and I thought great my period again. But it was clear. Then I thought it was probably from sex I had had earlier in the morning. Sorry tmi. Lol but I decided to take a ovulation test and right away within seconds the test line came out super bright! I don’t think I’ve ever had a positive ovulation test with the test line darker than the control line. It’s usually the same color both lines, whenever I have ovulated in the past. Please advise!