self love post.

Jessica • 24. Married. TTC baby #1 ✨

please. don’t think i’m posting this to show off. or anything like that.

but i’m just posting these because, i’ve been feeling soooooo insecure lately. because i’ve put on some weight.

i went from being a double zero all through out high school(and looking like i was so sick), to finally gaining a little bit of weight(and finally looking a little healthy again). to loosing it all again, because of a toxic horrible relationship.

that guy would call me fat even when i was legit the skinniest thing ever. and made me feel worthless and not good enough.

fast forward to a few years later, i met my husband.

i gained some weight. but they called it happy weight. i never thought it was happy weight. i thought i was just fat. and you guys might look at these photos and call me skinny and think i’m crazy for thinking i’m “fat”... but i do.

but if finally coming to the realization that i’m not fat... but i’m still learning to love my body the way it is.

so this post is for those girls that aren’t comfortable in their bodies. be comfortable. take those sexy photos. and just LOVE YOURSELF!!

ps. if y’all have some sexy photos and want to post them as a way of “feeling yourself” DROP THEM HERE, 💗💗💗

k byeeee

update.. sent these to my hubby at work. and let’s just say he was a happy man 🥰