Emotionally abusive parents..what do I do?

A little background: I’m 22, I’m originally from Canada and moved to the USA 3 years ago. There were more opportunities job/school wise for me here, so I moved from my moms to live with my dad and stepmom. My dad insists on paying for my car insurance & phone bill every month even though I can pay for it because he wants me to save. Another reason I moved is because I have Endometriosis, a disease which causes chronic pelvic pain & fatigue as well as a ton of other symptoms and there were more treatment options available here. My stepmom and dad are the only ones that’s have access to the health insurance info even though I am on my dads insurance and they won’t give me the number to a doctor for a physical..I have seen an OBGYN but they’re always getting mad at me anytime I bring up wanting excision surgery. my stepmom is accusing me of trying to put them in debt even though I would be doing self pay for the surgery..she’s so manipulative, always comes to me crying when her and my dad fight and he treats her like absolute garbage...he’s hit her before and she refuses to leave. My dad is a narcissist and is constantly putting me down so it makes it hard for me to focus on my school work and my mental and emotion health. Due to my Endometriosis I can’t work so I work online and it makes ends meet. These were some texts I got from my stepmom the other day. I’ve spoken to my father and he says she’s insane but he wants me to be on good terms with her, and honestly I’m not sure if I can after the things that were said. I’m currently in New York visiting my boyfriend and I go back to my parents in Florida on the 24th. I’m sorry this is everywhere and if you’ve actually read this far then could you please give me a suggestion on what I should do? My boyfriend and I can’t afford to move out yet as we’re saving for a house, and I plan on moving to New York. My household is so toxic so I try to avoid being st home as it is..

EDIT: I know I swore and was being rude but she had told me I don’t pay bills at least 5 times in that conversation. She also said I’m not allowed to have my ONLY friend over.