I wish they would understand


I wish my husband, sister and mother knew what I was going through. They all say it will happen. But no one try’s to understand. It’s so hurtful and painful when all you want is a positive pregnancy test. I was doing just fine today AF had shown up I was ok. But then ANOTHER announcement with baby #2 and I lost it. I just want one and people are getting there 2nd or 3rd pregnancies. I’ve had to unfollow some people because it’s too painful. I never wanted to be that woman but here I am. Today I’m at a point where I’m over it I don’t want to try anymore. I’ve done everything opks, not worrying just letting it happen. Nothing yet. I just want someone to be there and say it’s ok to feel what I’m feeling. Today is a rough day but I can’t talk to anyone. My sister doesn’t understand and my mom says it’ll happen when it happens. I don’t want to hear those things! And my husband doesn’t get it. I feel so alone. Today I’m having a pity party and that should be ok! Tomorrow I’ll be fine I’m sure 😑