my first time lmao... long story i really wanted to share thanks loves

so last night (ima get to the point bc i can go all day talking abt this) me my bf his cousin and her bf and my bf brother, we went bowling. at 9:30 so we left at 10:50 bc i had to be home by 11 and i was already kinda like upset that i was gonna be home late bc my mom is super strict at by the time i get home . she’s physico. so when he drops me off at home we always “talk” in the car a while yk😂. ANYWAY back to the point we were going to my house just to drop me off right we made in 10 min it was 11:00 when we got there and he said joking let’s go to my house? (his parents are in el paso for the weekend sis) i was like yes let’s go! he said fr let’s go i was like yeahhhh let’s go then . and he was just looking at me like i wasn’t being serious lmaoo. but i was .

(we have been dating for abt to be 7 months and i’ve known him for a year, i can tell you that me is such an awesome amazing guy he is so respectful towards me and man i really love him he makes me super happy) ( we also have been talking abt going to the home base for like a month and he asks me when the topic come up if i really want to he makes sure i really do)

anyway so i wasn’t kidding and i was like our the shower before bowling i was all fresh and oooof girl. so he was like frfr i has said yes babe like i want to if you want . he said okay so my mom traca me of course but that day she said i could delete the app bc she got a iphone and stuff but she don’t know how to work it lol we’re helping her . so his mom also tracks him . we both got strict parents . so we texted my sister that i was gonna be a little late and stuff and my mom too. my mom was at a bar . so blah blah we were getting our stories yk and so his family that we went bowling with they are our age and his cousin is a momma so she knows yk and so when we get to his house he was still texting his mom bc she was asking questions so yea it was 11:10 and we had like 20 more min and we agreed to do it fast even tho we both didn’t know what exactly to do bc it was our first for both. soooo we were kissing and well we were at the door step of his room the light was off and the door was open then like we were making out more like extreme then he just shuts it and picks me up sis like OMG and we were still making out and then he like lays me in bed and i’m on my back and him on top and making out then we sit back up and he ask if it’s okay i was like YES DO IT DADDY lmao so he takes off my shirt then we’ll fuck i was wearing a bra that unties from the front so that was weird lmao i took it off and he just ugh man i love him we make out and i’m on my back again and he starts kissing lower and oof but then BAM he gets a text from his mom loud af so he had to answer yk so blah blah it took like 30 sec then he was like i don’t think we can bc my brother is coming now and so i was like it’s okay let’s do it fast come on he was like idk i don’t think we can baby so ugh i was like in the moooood and that was our only good chance bro like really we never get alone time besides the car talks so then we were there for like 5 min he was just like teasing me man. then BOOOM we hear the door lmao and we got up i had to put my shirt on so i got my bra then my shirt was on backwards so i had to take it off again man we laughed and then my glasses and sandals lmao so then he opens the door and i was walking out his room thinking i was good we were good but LMAO MY HAIR WAS MESSED UP from when i put my shirt on💀💀 so his prima was like oooof salió más greñuda que la verga😭 that my hair was messy afff so we all laughed and then they started saying eeeeyyyy like oooo we did it we had sex and it was funny bc we didn’t 😂 and we just couldn’t help but look at each other and laugh man that was funny so went to the living room and they told my bf hide that boner LMAO that was so funny😂 he wears starched pants so you can’t even tell . she it was 11:25 abt and i said i have to go home now so we took off and lmao the car ride was funny bc we were talking abt it and how he took so long it could have happened then they have a rent house on snider but no like it’s scary there so i said no then we were like car sex ? and we agreed but we were like where do we park so we parked pretty far and in between two cars so we were like let’s? AND YES we went to the back and lmao he got condoms from his cousins bf and my shirt didn’t come off this time but when he put it on he said it was too tight like suffocating tight lol so i was like we don’t have too he said no it was fine lol so yeah i took my shorts off and y’all i love when my man is like idk what it is but he goes mmmh like mmmm like he like ittt lol that’s hot af so he was like yk then like yeah i got on him and not gonna lie it took us like 6 to 7 times to get it in lmao and one of the times he was going for the wrong hole i was like noooo not there and i busted out lagging and him too then right after that boom bro he got it and i was on it slow like dang that really hurt like it was not hot but i went more and more then he was like breathing heavy ( yumm y’all just remembering this is like wth🥰😰😰😰) so then like it came out bc it was never really all the way in till he grabbed my ass and like spread and like moved me and stuff. lowkey i didn’t really enjoy it yk bc it was my first but i’m soo glad he did like it was 12 something and we were making out in betweens and at the end when he came it was like omg daddy wtfff it was the best and he was mmm baby damn. so yeah i put my shit back on and i couldn’t really get it right lmao so he helped me😂 then yeah he was just like looking at me touching me down there like mmmm lol and well i was like i have to be inside and i just like and thor a fast sexy makeout omg it was the best and he was like baby omg damn like that was good af and i was like really???😩😩😩 blah blah then i got out and he did after me and we made out for like 2 seconds then we was just smiling and i was like be careful he said okay love you baby i was love you too😂 and smiling i walked to my door and bam there i didn’t know what to think but i was lahging like omg it happened lol so i used the restroom right away and after that i got in bed changed and i got up later that night alllll shaky af lol

but yeah he texted me and he was like babe that was great thank you for that i was like omg😂💓 but yeah here we are that was last night lol sorry this was long af but it feels good to say something 😂😂