Influenza A (update!)

Taylor • Mama to two boys and a girl 👦🏼🧒🏼👶🏼❤️

Our two year old had a fever Friday night and has had a cough all weekend, but seems to feel fine. My husband has the same symptoms plus terrible body aches and tested positive Saturday night in the ER after passing out at home (so scary!). I’ve been washing hands like crazy trying to keep me and my eight-week-old healthy, but as I sit here nursing at 2:00am, I feel feverish and have body aches as well.

I will of course contact our peds office if baby shows any symptoms, but just curious if anyone has had this hit their home with a newborn and if you have any additional tips for keeping him healthy! (And yes! We all had our flu shots this year 😔).

Update: thank you all so much for your positive thoughts and tips! We survived without baby getting sick 🙌🏼 yay for bleach and breast milk!