Struggled using tampons:SOLUTION


For my whole life I had used pads because tampons would hurt no matter what I used. I would literally throw up and panic whenever I had one in and my body would immediately reject it. My friend is a swimmer and recommended o.b. because of the way it absorbed, all of the girl swimmers would use it. She gave me a few and I looked at them like “... this is it? These are tiny!” And thought finally maybe something would work and they did! They don’t hurt like other tampons and they’re better for the environment. They don’t come with plastic applicators and honestly you don’t really need them. I get mine from CVS but I’m pretty sure they have them at Walgreens too. I’ve only had 1 issue with spotting because my periods are HEAVY but it was hardly anything compared to what I’m used to.

Please do NOT shame girls who choose to wear pads. It’s for their own comfort. Girls need to support girls❤️