Announcing to family


So my partner and I have decided we can’t wait any longer. Im 5 weeks. We’re going to tell our parents today! It’s so strange I feel nervous, feels a bit like I’m a kid again sort of owning up to doing something naughty!! 🤣

Maybe it’s because it’s like declaring to them ‘yes! We’ve had sex!’ 🙈😂😂😂😂

The plan is to put our 2 year old daughter in a T-shirt that says ‘Sisters make the best friends’ and just let them see it... what do you think?

*UPDATE* we told them. Took them sooo long to even realise. My father in law even read the shirt out loud when he first saw her and still didn’t get it, I had to hold back the laughter as my partner and I kept looking at each other. Eventually he said ‘dad, just look at the T-shirt again and I’ll give you a few minutes’. It was very funny. My mum as expected was totally shocked and my dad got emotional and immediately announced he wanted to take my husband for a drink to celebrate 😂