I really don’t know what’s going on😔TMI


So last week I took many pregnancy tests and they kept coming back with vvfp, then I started to have some bleeding when I posted it on here a lot of women were saying i had gotten my period or that I was having a miscarriage. This morning I woke up with brown discharge after a week of spotting bright red blood. I know it looks like a lot of blood but it wasn’t even enough to fill a pad. My partner and I are acting as if I lost the baby but I have this gut feeling that I am still pregnant. To some people the tests look negative, and to others they can see my lines clear as day. HCG levels are usually very low in the women in my family so I’m thinking that’s what is happening to me. I’ve been wanting to go to the doctors to get checked, but I’m just so nervous to hear that this is just another miscarriage. What do you all think?

The bleeding would fluctuate and be a light flow to spotting to nothing to spotting to a light flow again. My periods are usually extremely heavy and are dark red with a lot of clots.