Short luteal phase?


I'm wondering if i have a short luteal phase. A little background, i have a 15 month old daughter and it took 6 months to conceive her. At that time, i had fairly regular 27 day cycles and usually ovulated around day 14 (i temped and did opks). My period just returned a few months ago and we're trying again, but my cycles have been shorter (26 days) and im getting my positive opk on day 19. So, it's looking like I'm only having 6 or 7 days in my luteal phase. I read its common for your cycles to be totally different after having your first baby, but I'm wondering if I should see my dr now rather than waiting 6 months or so if it seems like there's an obvious problem with my cycle. (I'm 32, btw). What would you do? Maybe an appt, or wait it out to see if they become more regular? Thanks for any input.