Contractions at 33 weeks


I came into to the hospital yesterday for a routine check up turns out I was having contractions without me knowing. 2 hours go by and I finally start to feel the contractions so that meant staying over night and getting medicine every couple of hours to stop the contractions. They have slowed but still getting them. So they gave me 2 shots to developed the baby lungs faster. I’m really hoping they stop and she stays in there. She is to small and it’s way to early for her to come out. Hoping I get to go home today.

Update!! They stopped the contractions and I’m able too go home today!! Just have to go see my ob tomorrow. Hoping they don’t come back :). Thank you everyone!!

Update #2 So Im home and I started having having contractions again. Going to wait a bit to see if they go away and call labor and delivery.