Boyfriend keeps finding pregnancy tests 😂

Randi • Proud mommy of a sweet 3 yr old boy and 5 month old baby girl 💕

So I found out on February 8th I believe that I’m pregnant by taking a pregnancy test. We ya even trying for 6 months at this point and about 2 months ago I got sick and tired of getting negatives so I said screw trying I’m done. Boom now I’m pregnant! When I took this test it was the only one I had left and I took it for fun, I 110% thought I wasn’t pregnant. That test came up positive right away. I was so shocked that so far since then I’ve taken like 6 other tests. One of those being a test the doctors did. All strong positives. The last one I took was 2 days ago and my boyfriend calls me at work and says “did you take ANOTHER pregnancy test?” And I said “why do you ask??” And he said “because I found one in the bathroom that looks fresh and you haven’t written anything on it like the other ones so I knows it’s a new one”. He caught me lol and he just thinks I’m so weird for taking so many but I just love seeing that positive come across the strip and it makes me happy! But no more tests, I’m all out and I’m not buying more. Any body else like this?