Hcg Levels 4 weeks

AJ • 🌈 Baby Girl born 2/19/20 💕 2 MC: 10.5.18. & 3.25.19

My first pregnancy I got my faint line at 9dpo, and had my first blood test done 2 days later at 11 dpo and it was 25.

This time I didn’t get my faint positive until 10, clear positive on 11dpo and first bloodwork done at 12dpo and it was 42.

The nurse called me today to tell me my results and seemed somber and indicated that I would most definitely have to come back on Wednesday for my second blood draw as they’re thinking this time it is low again to start.

I am on nightly progesterone suppositories, so they’re not testing me for that.

Anyone else had lower numbers to start go on to have successful pregnancies thus far after having a MC before?

I’m so worried I am going to Mc again and I can’t imagine having to do this all over again.