long distance

so my boyfriend and i have known eachother since highschool and we just recently started dating last year because i found out he liked me. he started going to college in another state while i do my studies back in our home town and he comes home every few months. the last time he came home we had sex for the very first time, and it was soooo good. and we had sex almost everyday, multiple times a day, until he had to leave for school again. but the thing is, we only ever had sex in his car or when his mom wasnt home. is that odd? also, since he goes to college, hes always super busy and never has time to talk, and sometimes i get so horny i want to talk dirty to him over the phone, but he cant because hes in BIBLE college. so i guess hes embarrassed that someone will hear? i also send him provocative pictures but he barely says anything until later.. idk... i just miss him and his dick so much😔😅