Guidance needed


Ok long post so sorry...

I am 3 months pregnant and my older sister just found out that she is pregnant and I truly am excited for her. HOWEVER, I have held a grudge for a long time and it’s now being dug up again - when I found out I was pregnant with my first baby my sister said congratulations and then never talked to me about it or asked me anything about my pregnancy the entire time. I had a very difficult pregnancy and even had my little one 2 months early. It really hurt me because I am not close with my mother so my sister is my only support outside of my husband. Now that she is pregnant she is texting me all day asking me about things she can and cannot eat, ultrasounds, how to tell people, how excited she is to be pregnant, etc. I am being as supportive as I can but just still feel that same broken feeling I felt when she ignored me my whole pregnancy. Part of me wonders if she sees how hurtful it was to me when she had no interest in my pregnancy but now that she’s pregnant she expects me to talk about it everyday. Send me some guidance or advice or maybe even similar stories.