Chlamydia and TTC


before anyone kicks off about why didn’t I get checked out, I went to the doctors numerous times for bleeding between periods, severe cramps, nausea etc and it all got put down to my anxiety and I was just given some meds to stop the bleeding.

I’ve been with my partner a little over two years, and just went to the doctors and finally they did a vaginal dean and I got diagnosed with chlamydia. I have finished my weeks worth of antibiotics which weren’t to bad tbh. My partner is currently completing his and things are going well between us regarding his whole thing. I know I haven’t cheated and I know he hasn’t cheated. I’ve had the symptoms for pretty much the whole relationship and I’m almost 100% sure that my ex wasn’t loyal to me but never had the proof.

Anyway me and my partner haven’t been using contraception now for around a year and I haven’t conceived (obvious now due to be infection) but could this be a more long term issue I’m going to face? Has anyone else had anything like this and managed to conceive after treatment? I’ve seen a lot about PID could I possibly have this? I’m only 23 but if something’s wrong I’d rather know now, how do I go about checking this in the UK?