What’s wrong with me..

My boyfriend and me have been together for two years we took a month break in January we’ve finally hung out recently twice I spent the night those two times and it feels the same but different I don’t know how to explain it but it feels kind of awkward? I feel awkward I feel uncomfortable and out of place kinda I don’t know what to say when I’m around him but then I get over it and start acting myself again he even says I seem different. We’re not really back together but not broken up just kind of taking things slowly he says he can tell I feel different and he told me he doesn’t. Is something wrong with me do I not love him anymore? The thought makes me want to cry and crawl in a ball... I didn’t want this break to begin with I was so happy with him. He said he needed space and to take a breather from the relationship he said he felt like we were making it our lives when it shouldn’t be that way. We also had a lot of trust issues on both sides. I know I love him but something is off I don’t know what it is maybe because I feel like he’s holding something from me? I’m trying to be ok but it’s confusing.