I think this is the first time I’ve ever felt proud of myself

I got pinned back in December for my LPN. This February I took the NCLEX-PN and I passed. It didn’t sink in that I’m officially a nurse now until today, when I got my official license and certificate in the mail.

I’m not out of school yet, I’m currently pursuing my ADN then I’ll be going after that BSN. I’m over $15K in debt, I’ve survived on 3 hours of sleep a night for about 2 years, there’s been a lot of crying and agonizing over exams, I even came close to failing out. I made the changes necessary (began to study for the first time in my life), took responsibility for where I messed up, and I did it!

Back in 2013-2014 I went to a university and was interested in sonography, I was an A/B student but the counselor at the school told me I wasn’t good enough to get into a sonography program and to figure out something else to do. That one incident really derailed me and I was lost for a while. In 2015 tragedy struck my family, I took it hard and never really healed... I still struggle to this day. What happened then kickstarted me down the path of nursing though. I moved to the city, I began taking classes again, and within 2.5 years of moving I was accepted into a nursing program.

I’ve learned and grown so much as a person since that conversation in ‘13-‘14. She might’ve been right, sonography wasn’t a good fit. What she wasn’t right about was my ability. No one can define how good you are but yourself. The overwhelming joy and pride I feel right now realizing this and having my license in hand to confirm it is unexplainable.

If I could get just one thing across to someone reading this it would be to not let anyone ever tear you down and say you aren’t good enough. If they try, don’t believe them because they are dead wrong. With hard work and passion you can accomplish your dreams, and does it feel good.