help me!!!

This isn’t really a health and lifestyle topic, but I need help.

This year, a boy came into my class. Me and him talked for a bit, just keeping a friendship.

But something was wrong. He wouldnt tell. Any. Of. His. Friends. We. We’re talking.

Most of the time, I help him with his personal things and reassure him that everything is okay.

He is one of the popular kids, and I’m one of the kids with no friends. So are me and him even actually friends?

Lots of the time he’s rude to me and my friends. Even kids with disabilities!! I tried to tell him I needed a break from us talking, because I didn’t want to be around a bully. But he just wanted to continue talking.

And lots of the time, he get jealous of me.

Any suggestions? Tips? Explanations? I’ll accept anything at this point, I’m desperate. 🤕