I wish this was clickbait 😂😣

So, I live with my in-laws. I also sleep naked. And my mother in law came in my room at like 7:30 this morning and ripped my blanket off while I was sleeping!!! All she said was "oh my god, you're naked" then left. I don't know why she even did that in the first place.

Later after my SO got home from work she told him about it and he got really mad at her. I guess they got in a fight about it. I don't know the details... i wasn't around.

But she never knocks when she comes in my room she just barges in whenever she pleases. She even comes in the bathroom without knocking if she hears the sink running (assuming I'm not naked)

I understand its her house and all but we pay our rent, buy our own food and pay our own bills. We have a right to privacy.

But yeah, I'm a bit mortified. I know I probably shouldn't sleep naked but it's the only way I can get to sleep. And I would lock the door but I have 2 kids in the other room.