Have you cheated??


Working in radiology, i am surrounded by ultrasounds machines! My first official US appointment is not for another 9 days. I will be over 8 weeks at that point. I suffered a miscarriage and D&c in October, never hearing a heartbeat. last night my coworker and I asked her US tech friend to scan me (trans abdominal). I was willing to risk it as the anticipation was killing me and the days seem so long. It was AMAZING, we were able to hear a strong heartbeat at 168. Seeing and hearing was unreal. I recorded for my man and immediately after work went and shared. Although the road is still long, i will always cherish this moment. It’s real and it’s happening. I was amazed on how fast we got pregnant after D&c, having only 1 cycle post procedure. What a blessing! Had to share and give hope to those trying after suffering a loss. Good luck ladies, may all you hear what i heard last night! It’s surreal 🥰