Help please!! I am confused. I know I am attracted to boys but I’m not sure if I like girls too. About 4 years ago I think I had a crush on my friend and thought I might be bi, but I ignored it. Then last year and this year I met another girl who is now my best friend and I think I have feelings for her.

- I hate her boyfriend and was super jealous when I found out about him

- I hate when she’s mad at me and will do ANYTHING for her

- I stare at her boobs

- I think I want to kiss her

I know I definitely would kiss a girl and the idea is attractive to me, but idk if I want to have sex with a girl, but I know would with a guy. I get turned on by lesbian porn as well and gay men and straight porn.

I know that only I can really figure this out, but I thought maybe some bi or lgbt ppl could help me!!

Many of my friends are gay and I’ve always been very supportive of the community but I never thought I was a part of it until now. I just want to know.

Please leave your thoughts!!!!! I am so confused!!

Also, I’m super into the what I need video w Hayley Kiyoko and Kehlani.